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Tevan trolleys in balcony

A purposeful planter trolley system

Tevan has been designed to have tons of storage room underneath to keep your gardening tools or compost bags. With handles and wheels on the trolley its easy for you to move certain plants according to your need.

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A functional storage system

Utility of the product is enhanced with multiple use of it. Not just plants but one can use it for home office or can make a small wine bar. Storage spaces help you sort and store things effectively.

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Moving plants indoor made easy with Tevan

A multipurpose planter organiser helps you manage your planters, keep the balcony clean and makes it easy for you to move certain plants according to their sun bathing cycle.

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Tevan for your home office setup

It is an organiser, storage and display unit, very useful to keep all your office material at one place.

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Transform your balcony, one planter trolley system at a time

Fill up your balcony with multiple Tevan trolleys to make it look elegant with different set of planters of your choice. Swap them or move them with no trouble to change the balcony look within minutes.

102 Home Compost Kit
102 Home Compost

Compost your kitchen organic waste in less than 25 days

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